where the bobos are

went to my first show this weekend: deacon of the animal collective was playing

took the metro to the 11th/19th, then went down a cobblestone road along the river to find a club called Point Ephemere, situated under a bridge. apparently this is where all the hipsters (the french call them Bobos) live, because up until that night i didn’t even know they existed (and yes, they look exactly the same as they do in LA/SF/NY :)   …. (and no, Sarah, I am not a hipster!!!!!)

went to the bar/cafe next door to get punch (v. popular/cheap drink here). started taking pictures cuz i really liked the feel of the place, until the man in the gray hoodie (seen glaring at me in the pic below), came over and started yelling at me in french for taking his photo!!! he made me delete most of them until my friend Damien told him to buzz off.

young man was the first to perform…he really blew my mind away (i will try to post a video).

i was actually more impressed by him than by the main act. it was just one guy, his guitar and his computer. he would lay down these really bizarre/spastic/simplistic guitar riffs, record them, then play them back on his mac while he would set down the next riff and lay in tracks of ambient noises such as birds chirping or the audience talking…all aggregately building to the song’s climax. really interesting stuff, definitely influenced by the beach boys, radiohead and animal collective.

his myspace was really hard to find, but here it is:


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