Paint to pixels

London, Amsterdam and Berlin are littered with amazing street art. Here is a sample of some impressive pieces I was lucky to stumble upon.

from afar it looks like white paint on cement…

up close you realize it’s been chipped away…amazing

some messages are more profound than others….

This mural by Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel depicts Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev’s passionate kiss with East Germany’s leader Eric Honecker, on the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin wall, called¬† the East Side Gallery.

This one says “I support Barcelona people.” Why not…haha.

the sheer size of some of the works in Berlin can stop you in your tracks…also wondering how and when did they paint this without getting arrested?

Others painting seemed so a part of the urban environment that they almost go unnoticed.. so many people walked right by this gorgeous painting without even a second glance.

This one about 10 feet above street level admist a bunch of other graffiti…wonder how many people notice.

If Berlin is the graffiti capital of the Western world, then Tacheles is the Cathedral of cool.

The former department store which now houses a self-organized collective of artists and no wall has been left untouched.

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    Love it…nice pics

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