Pergola at the Palais de Tokyo

I love the exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo because they are full of surprises. The main exhibition, Pergola, consists of three solo exhibitions of Valentin Carron, Charlotte Posenenske and Zarka. And two special projects of Serge Spitzer and Laith Al-Amiri.

Charlotte Posenenske, Retrospective, 2010

Franziska Furter’s Bourdon and Draft V, were nothing to write home about, but the work certainly worth noting is Rime (2010). You don’t see it at first– most people ignore this gallery altogether because of how bland the pieces on the wall appear–however, once you step inside, your other senses are in for a surprise. Underneath the nondescript black carpet are thousands of shards of glass. Each time you take a step, glass breaks or is displaced and it sends an echoing, sharp *crunch* throughout the gallery. At first I thought I was doing something wrong, and then I found myself skipping through the space until the sound no longer made me feel uncomfortable.

Franziska Furter, Bourdon, 2010, Knotted Nylon

Franziska Furter, Draft V, 2009, Graphite on Paper

Here are two partial views of installation by Serge Spitzer, which displaces air from one part of the museum, and brings it into the rest of the space by way of pneumatics. In this way, it is meant to demonstrate the preexistence of quasi-organic networks of communication.

Serge Spitzer, Bread and Butter with the ever present Question of How to define the difference between a Baguette and a Croissant (II), 1995 – 2010

Check out all works at the Palais de Tokyo until May 16, 2010.

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