MAC/VAL – Let’s Dance!

MAC/VAL | Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne could be my new favorite contemporary art museum in Paris. It is definitely a trek to get to its location in the south-west of Paris (take line 8, exit liberte, then jump on the 180 bus for 30 min), but once there, you will be treated with a permanent collection and temporary exhibition that will keep you entertained for hours. The exhibit, Let’s Dance!, is an abstract theme used to explore movement, dance and celebrations. It has been a long time since art surprised me, and the experiential works at MAC/VAL do not disappoint. Highlights included Felice Varini’s Trois Circles Desaxes (pictured below) and Bernhard Martin’s Single Disco, which is essentially an Ikea closet turned disco — one person enters to find him(her)self situated on a dance floor with a mirrored ceiling, blaring techno and a disco ball. No one on the exterior can hear the music or see you inside, thereby providing the disco-goer with complete privacy to boogie, or as the artist put it, an opportunity to “escape from the museum.”

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