Gypset (gypsy + jet-set). While I tend to detest portmanteau (Brangelina anyone?), this one hits the nail on the head. Writer Julia Chaplin, who coined the term, describes gypset as “a new type of travel, and cultural foraging at home, that redefines the optimal adventure as something with the global references and chic speed of the jet-set mixed with the alternative, anti-commercialism and nomadic wile of a gypsy.” In her new book, Gypset Style, Chaplin explores the lives and bohemian enclaves of  “semi-nomadic creatives” in places such as Montauk, New York, Cornwall, England, the RIft Valley in Kenya and Santiago, Chile. With a review of gypsets through time–including hippies, beats, artists and ravers–it is clear that this lifestyle is no where new, but its definition has brought with it attention from the media, which I can assume is both distasteful and undesired among those who consider themselves part of the gypset tribe. However, for us hopefuls, I say, “dish!” For there is nothing quite so invigorating (and difficult to do) as finding that perfect off-the map locale where you can bask in ‘authenticity,’ and do so in Bobo* style.

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*Bobo = Bohemian Bourgeoisie

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