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Memorial to the Matyrs of Deportation

Today I visited The Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation. It is crazy that I have walked by this spot a dozen times and never knew what was there. You can see from the first picture, that the memorial at first appears to be nothing but a wall with some graffiti. Once you descend [...]

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May day

The weather warmed up just in time for my first day on break. Literally wandered the city for hours…my new favorite area is the St. Martin Canal…so may cool bars, side streets, parks and restaurants!  The quai of the canals were teaming with people enjoying the sun and drinking beer. Hotel du Nord lured me [...]

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Best of April

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Maison des Fleurs

This flower shop in the 5th literally caused people to stop and smell the roses. Their  unique selection and arrangements were sophisticated but looked as though they had been plucked from a field of wildflowers. The gorgeous yet muted colors of the roses below almost converted me into a fan of that perennial.

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Eye candy

The color and motif of this shot, taken on the left bank… …reminded me of one of my favorite photos Photo courtesy of  Strange Eyes.

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Pretty in pink

The cherry blossoms are quickly starting to fade and die, giving way to new growth. This tree, in full bloom, seemed to go unnoticed due to its habitation in a secluded corner of the Jardins des Champs Elysees. What a lovely surprise.

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Chinthes, Lions and Stallions oh my

Amazing what you find once you stop oggling at the monuments. Today, Paris’ many statues captured my interest and imagination.

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Sans Souci – No Worries Bus stop ad Collateral damage from squat riots Reichstadt Doves hanging out before a wedding Gate of Ishtar, Babylon Atlas shrugged

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Came across this vintage map in the 7th, handrawn in ink. What amazing attention to detail.

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Spring awakening

The first flowers of spring surprised me on a walk down Blvd. St. Germain

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Paris in 360

Cool website lets you experience Paris virtually – take it for a spin!

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Coocoo for coco puffs

Stumbled upon a little street fair in the 6th today, right in front of the St. Germain church. Caved in and purchased a macaroon…literally tasted like a coconut flavored cloud. Never had better!!! Will be going back for more tomorrow

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Kissing winter goodbye!

There are buds on the trees…can’t wait till I look up and see leaves!

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Free Tibet

Free Tibet rally in the 7th had a really impressive turn-out. The crowd took over entire intersection and kept moving despite protests and disruption to traffic. Nice to see this cause is still being supported.

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Booby trap or blunder?

#5 Metro Pyrenees

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