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Book shelf porn

New obsession: book shelf porn. These photos are amazing. Especially love the one of Lagerfeld’s library, which itself looks like an open book. “Karl Lagerfeld’s books cover every wall of his studio from the ground, up two stories, to the skylights. Plus he owns the bookstore that is right next door.” – Todd Selby (The [...]

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My Princess Boy

This children’s book, written by Cheryl Kilodavis, was inspired by the growing pains her family experienced while raising a “FABULOUS!” son. Check out the video of their touching TV interview  after the jump. The world would be such an amazing place if parents were this accepting and nurturing! What an inspiration.

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Slouching Towards Bethlehem

This collection of essays by Joan Didion amazed me in the way that it masterfully captured the mood of 1960s America, and in particular, that of the Counterculture in California. This book came along at a perfect time for me, as I have been away from the best coast for nearly 10 months and am [...]

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Gypset (gypsy + jet-set). While I tend to detest portmanteau (Brangelina anyone?), this one hits the nail on the head. Writer Julia Chaplin, who coined the term, describes gypset as “a new type of travel, and cultural foraging at home, that redefines the optimal adventure as something with the global references and chic speed of [...]

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Never have I found such a great book for summer reading, and in this case, summer back-packing. This heavy 900-page + non-fiction (!!!) tome by Gregory David Robert, reads like an epic thriller, taking you on a journey from a jail break in Australia to the underbelly of Bombay mafia,  combat zones in Afghanistan and [...]

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A Moveable Feast

I have always been a sucker or Hemingway…his quick, blunt prose, yet sensitive, romantic narration have kept me coming back to his novels again and again. While A Moveable Feast was not on the top of the list (I definitely prefer A Farewell to Arms, followed by The Sun Also Rises) there was something really [...]

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