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Miss Havisham Cake

Love this! “Great Expectations, the Miss Havisham Cake,” a crazy, vermin-infested caked created by the Hotham Street Ladies Art Collective submitted to the Melbourne Cake Show was disqualified on grounds of “bad taste.” So creative though!

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Renoma Cafe cum Gallery

Note to self: check out the Renoma Café Gallery and Renoma boutique upon return to Paris. Photo exhibits of the Rolling Stones, good food in a great setting? What more could you want.

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Bon bifteck

Le Relais de l’Entrecote is a great restaurant in the 6th with a simple concept: the only thing on the menu is a prix fixe, salade + steak + fries combo for 25 euros. The secret is truly in the sauce…I wanted to lick the plate!  And the house wine washed everything down quite well…Just [...]

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Hotel du Nord

Found this great little restaurant by the Canal St. Martin. Love the vibe, the food, and the waiter’s wine reco was great (5 euro for an amazing red, sure beats a 10 euro beer  in the 6th any day!) It may just be my new favorite.

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Finally ventured to Angelina’s today to try their famous hot chocolate ‘Africaine.’ It was everything I hope for and more, but the true delight was their pastries and desserts. We felt like Marie Antoinette as we dove into the macaroons, madelines and the famous ‘Mont Blanc,’ a meringue covered in Chantilly cream and chestnut frosting. [...]

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All I want for Easter…

Click here for more Cadibury egg porn

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Coocoo for coco puffs

Stumbled upon a little street fair in the 6th today, right in front of the St. Germain church. Caved in and purchased a macaroon…literally tasted like a coconut flavored cloud. Never had better!!! Will be going back for more tomorrow

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Passing by the window of an ice cream store today, I couldn’t help but notice these odd-looking spherical shapes that seemed to be covered with some mysterious substance. The store called it simply, ‘succulent.’ It certainly lived up to its name -  layers of cappuccino and chocolate ice cream are packed into a scoop and [...]

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Chez Nicos

My new favorite crepe place – situated on a cute little street (44 Rue Mouffetard) in the 5th – makes savory pancakes that can only be described as the culinary love child of Greece and France.  I tried the house special: buffalo mozzarella, thick slices of grilled aubergine, onions, salade, tomato, and marinated veal hache. [...]

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Speaking of crepes…

Was invited to dinner at an authentic creperie in Montparnasse. Apparently, this is where you can find the best crepes in town…there is literally one right after another along the tiny street Rue Montparnasse. A lil history for ya: Seems crepes originated in Brittany, a region in the northwest of France. Since the Montparnasse  train [...]

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When you are living on a student budget (esp. in Paris), and only have a hot plate and a mini fridge, preparing dinner becomes an exercise in creative thinking. Last night’s invention of what I like to call  “rata-ramen-touille,” brings new meaning to “East meets West.” Ingredients: Top ramen noodles (any flavor) Canned ratatouille (assorted [...]

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My hood

went exploring this weekend to get to know my neighborhood…here are some shots taken of shops and markets a few blocks from my apartment: my favorite intersection so far an amazing blue-lit all blue confections shop i saw this pile of meringues and instantly thought of grandmaman warhol and madge seem to be alive and [...]

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