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How to aestheticize

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The Seed

This new activity center by architect Nevat Sayin, was built in connection with the Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul. The incredible building has been shortlisted under the cultural category at this year’s world architecture festival, and will be used as a conference, congress and concert hall. More photos and information are available on the designboom [...]

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What a concept

I ran into a girl on the metro today who had what I can only describe as a bag of fun. She was showing friends her purchases from the SAM concept store in Paris, which I will now add to my list of locations to go in search of awesome, non-gimmicky xmas presents for family, [...]

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Dead drops

“‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. I am ‘injecting’ USB flash drives into walls, buildings and curbs accessable to anybody in public space. You are invited to go to these places (so far 5 in NYC) to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your [...]

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Paris vs NYC

This new blog, features some very clever and cute designs which provide a nice schematic juxtaposition between two of my favorite cities: Paris and NYC. Click here to see more.

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Book shelf porn

New obsession: book shelf porn. These photos are amazing. Especially love the one of Lagerfeld’s library, which itself looks like an open book. “Karl Lagerfeld’s books cover every wall of his studio from the ground, up two stories, to the skylights. Plus he owns the bookstore that is right next door.” – Todd Selby (The [...]

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Now and Then

Four months of work, 5000×1200 resolution, 2x Christie 18K HD projectors bring us this amazing video by, and It features a video-mapping show projected by against the face of the famous Astronomical Clock in Prague, as part of city’s celebration of the clock’s 600th anniversary. Upon its creation in medieval times, [...]

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Upside down world

I love this “chandelier” by Benoit Vieubled,  made of 15 world globes, titled “Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers” (right side up world, upside down world)

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The Vinyl Frontier

This  documentary on vinyl toys is provided online in segments, one for each artist featured.  I especially enjoyed learning about the inspiration behind the designs, many of which were Kid Robot-esq. Click on the image to link-through.

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Parc de Villette

Parc de Villete is located on the outer edge of the 19th. I would have never thought to venture to this area of Paris, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  Bernard Tschumi,  designed the space with a  post-modernist mindset.  The sphere below, which houses a 3D Imax Theater, is surrounded by 35 [...]

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