Watergate – Nice space (love the lights that shoot out from behind the DJ, over the dance and all the way back to the bar). Great view of the water. Cool lounge area downstairs where people decompress after the sun rises. The people are what made it though – we met tons of friendly foreigners.  Long long long line, but we were lucky enough to obtain wristbands from a friend of the DJ.

Berghain / Panoramabar

Berghain Santos, Timo Maas, Len Faki
Panorama Bar Oliver Deutschmann, Ed Davenport, Stephan Hill & Koljah, Soundstream, Ripperton, Steffi, Boris

We arrived at 4am and had to wait in line for a good hour. These were two firsts for me (arriving this late/early and waiting that long), but the club is world famous so we had to see what all the fuss was about. As the minutes (which felt like hours) ticked by, we saw people being turned away without any rhyme or reason. It is technically a gay club, so we had two things going against us: being American and being female. Fortunately, our friend Dan is a good-looking dude who knows a bit of German so we followed his lead. Once inside we were awed by the space, a former power plant, with many of the original fixings intact. The music was a little too German-house for me, but the venue was incredible. You aren’t allowed to bring a camera in, but I found these pictures of the interior online.

Zu Mir Order Zu Dir? (My place or yours?) – Great lounge/bar. I’d love to open a place like this in San Francisco.

Mein Haus au Sec – loved this coffee shop with big mirrored steps covered in pillows, tables and comfy chairs.

Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery

International Memorial for Freedom

Longest remaining section of the Berlin, with approx. 106 paintings by artists from all over the world. Famous as a memorial for freedom / largest open air gallery in the world.

View of the city leaving by plane – the urban sprawl reminded me of LA

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