“Berlin getting blander”

Investors 1
Bohemians 0

In an effort to gentrify Berlin and make it more attractive to investors, squats are being cleared throughout the city. Squatting (alternative house projects) is a phenomenon that began in the early 90s after the fall of the Berlin wall. A few months ago, 600 police officers descended upon one of the last remaining squats, Brunnenstrasse 183, clearing out a total of 21 people from the dilapidated five-story house in central Berlin. There were no reports of violence, but there were demonstrations by a few occupants denouncing the clearing as an act of Fascism. Many fear Tascheles will face the same fate. The only thing protecting it from authorities is the building’s status as a historical landmark. Should investors find a legal loophole around that, Tascheles days will be numbered and its demise would truly mark the end of alternative meccas in a city know for its artistic edge.

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