The city was beautiful, even in winter.

The nightlife was pretty melow overall, but we found some real gems. 1st night out, came across this bar near the hostel (which was probably the tiniest bar I’ve ever been to!), and squeezed in between stylish patrons to watch some live music. Good times.

Then there was the Five Days Off Fest.

Of all the DJs/bands, Mungolian Jet Set ( blew me away. I’ve been itching to see them for years, and was surprised that they were there since they weren’t even featured on the poster. Everyone left Flying Lotus to check out their psychedelic rhythms. As their website attests, ““When I heard the Mungolian Jet Set, I felt like a psychotic love-banana in a sexy washing machine.” – Carl Jung Can’t wait to see them at Coachella.

The venue, Paradiso, was incredible. Here are some shots of the main area.

Stayed at the flying pig. great common area w/pool table, bar, smoking room, good peeps, etc.

Loved a poster they had up that read, “home is in your head.” Finding that is true.

Things to avoid (unless you are wasted): Heineken Experience, Sex Museum, Red Light District

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