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Whitest Boy Alive

Shots from  We Love Art’s “We Love Fantasy” Party have just been released here. The highlight of the night was definitely the Whitest Boy Alive. Golden Cage swept me away. The Berlin-based group played the rest of their set with a nice disco/early 80s vibe that kept the crowd moving. Can’t wait to see them [...]

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Light through the veins

Amazing song by Jon Hopkins…covered by Coldplay in their most recent tour/album

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Last walk around mirror lake

This video may have a simple-enough concept, but it leaves me mesmerized, and itching to go skydiving again. Doesn’t hurt that the song is a gorgeous Boards of Canada remix of Boom Bip.

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Cy Twombly in the Louvre

During a recent trip to the Louvre I discovered one of the Louvre’s grand galleries has had a facelift…er, rather, a ceiling lift! The American painter Cy Twombly has repainted the ceiling, and the work is now a permanent installation. The painting is 350m2, and stretches across the entire Salle des Bronzes. Inspired by the [...]

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The Mega Force

Love this music video by The MegaForce…warning: the song will make you crave for summer to return

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Team work

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I have always enjoyed the exhibits at the Center Pompidou, which houses Paris` modern art museum, but the exhibit, Dreamlands, was a real treat. Bringing together multiple disciplines, it focuses on the `spectacle,`as Debord would put it, and looks at the way world fairs and exhibitions changed the way we view cities such as Vegas, [...]

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“I want to be evil”

Sing it Eartha!

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Bric-a-Brac at the 104

Charity organisation Emmaüs has set-up 10 charity shops called ‘bric-à-bracs’ where you can shoppers ditch their old gear and garments and can pick up new items at low low prices. Proceeds go to the poor. While there are locations all over the city, the first opened at 104, which provides a great setting for bargain [...]

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Internative Festival

The first online music festival – created and distributed over the internet – has been brought to us by Eristoff vodka. You can call it genius marketing, I call it about time! Kiss goodbye to the 150 euro day pass and hello to free, live, streaming content! Of course it doesn’t come close to the [...]

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Costes Le Restaurant

It is places like this that leave people with an insatiable appetite for Paris. Walking into the dimly lit Hotel Costes, you are immediately transported into a decadent and sumptuous world. The see and be seen restaurant, situated in an open air patio surrounded by tables situated indoors, somehow offers the perfect balance between  privacy [...]

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Hotel Amour

Don’t let the name fool you, this spot is not just for lovers. I met a friend for a drink here last week, and was pleasantly surprised by the quiet, atmospheric setting. Because this little gem is off the tourist map, you find yourself in the company of francophones offering plenty of eye candy. With [...]

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MUTO by Blu

Amazing graffiti animation in Buenos Aires by Blu Check out the MUTO website here Check out Blu’s sketchbook here

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