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Vosotros – Rhoda

vosotros presents: Rhoda is in full swing. Now in its fourth week, the project has been getting steady airplay from KCRW in Los Angeles, WFMU in New York, and Laid Back Radio in Belgium. Most exciting of all, “New Farmer (feat. Mia Doi Todd)” has been in rotation on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and was [...]

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Barcelona bound

Heading to Barcelona tomorrow for the Primavera Sound Festival!!! Will post pics and stories and buzz about new bands when I return

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Tonight was the first showing of Charles Chemin and Carlos Soto’s award-winning art performance, Girlmachine, outside the U.S. The provocative and experimental piece, which was hosted by the Arts Arena and Door Studios, was an investigation into Futurism’s ambiguous vitality and its complex relationship to the modern body. There will be two more performances held [...]

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Surkin at Social

Surkin opened for Digitalism at Social Club last night. The place was PACKED!! And he absolutely killed it. What a sweaty hot fun mess!

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Pont de Arts

Friday night at the Pont de Arts is the closest thing to Dolores Park that I have found in Paris. It was so fun chilling on the ‘boardwalk,’ pre-partying/picnicking with randoms before it was time to hit the clubs. Great way to start the  night (esp now that’s its warm!!)

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C’est la vie!

If you like skulls…you’ll love this exhibit at the Musee Maillol. They have amazing and creative depictions of this object by everyone from Damien Hirst to Basquiat to Braque. The museum is very small, but the exhibit has some interesting selections worth seeing.

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May day

The weather warmed up just in time for my first day on break. Literally wandered the city for hours…my new favorite area is the St. Martin Canal…so may cool bars, side streets, parks and restaurants!  The quai of the canals were teaming with people enjoying the sun and drinking beer. Hotel du Nord lured me [...]

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Cosmic Love

Love love love this video for Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine. Can’t wait to see her in Barcelona next week!!!

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Remember Me

Karl Lagerfeld’s short film, Remember Me, has premiered on Chanel News. Nice little look into the haute-life in St. Tropez…

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Let the games begin

World Cup-inspired ads are starting to pop up in the subways. I didn’t understand why they were in English. Were they intended for the tourists? Then my French friend said, “you know…like the Bee Gees!”  haha. my mistake.

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Love this street art, found in an alley in le cinqieme!

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Primavera Sound

Getting ramped up for the Primavera Sound Festival! It will be my first time in Barcelona, and my first time to a festival ‘that goes all night long.’ With the likes of Orbital, Fake Blood, Grizzly Bear, Florence and the Machine lining up to take the outdoor stage, sounds like I’ll be in my happy [...]

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Wall of Seperation

Writing my paper on Street Art, I have become reaquanted with some old favorites, such as works by Banksy on Israel’s West Bank barrier.  The ‘Wall of Separation’ stricks a chord with me every time. Aside from its cheeky wit and beauty, you can see how location is made a major component of the resulting [...]

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Topographie Anecdotee du Skateboard

This 40-minute documentary by Raphael Zarka was one of those films you want to own, and play in the background while you are lounging at home. The stunning footage (I loved the segments on 1970s skate culture in California), is complimented by a fantastic soundtrack.  Check it out now at the Palais du Tokyo. The [...]

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Sulfur + Water

Amazing photography of Iceland, where the sulfur and minerals from the ocean and land meet.

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