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Steed Lord

This didn’t take long…1st Coachella 2011 prediction (read: hope/wish/dream) is  STEED LORD. So far, I can’t figure out where/when this Icelandic trio are playing (and have already been the victim of a show cancellation), but hopefully you will see me rocking out to Remember Me and New Crack City in the Sahara tent next year! [...]

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I’ve read a lot of “things to do before you die” lists, but this is the first one I am 100 percent on board with. Was surprised to find that I’ve already hit a few.  Excited to check off a few more this summer!!

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Wishful thinking

Now that is is Spring luxury convertibles seem to be everywhere (Just rubbing it in face!) Ferraris, Bentleys, Alpha Romeos, you name it. But none are quite so appealing as my fav, the Porsche Roadster. That reminds me, my piggy bank is due for a deposit…

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Born free

MIA is back…and with a 9-min video that is probably the most controversial I’ve ever seen. The video has already been pulled from YouTube in the US due to its sexual and violent content, but you can view it here: Whatever you think of this politically-charged video, one thing is for sure…this song is KILLER.

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The famous Parisian department store is planning something special for the end of April! Judging by the photos of the display items being prepared, it will be larger-than-life and stunning. Can’t wait to check it out!

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Lovin’ London

Especially the East Village…could very well live there (if only it were more sunny!)

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Best of April

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Volcanic sunset

While the rest of Europe is groaning due to travel delays caused by the Volcanic eruption in Iceland, the source of this brouhaha is enjoying some of the best sunsets EVER. During the winter especially, the sun casts amazing light as it lingers above the horizon line longer than it does in lower altitudes. I [...]

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The Pop In

is just that…poppin. But once you get past the crowded bar, there are several rooms to explore and enjoy, including an upstairs lounge (where piano was played after hours) and a downstairs area where you can find reprieve from the loud music and chatter and enjoy listening to some acoustic guitar played to a silent [...]

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Visceral Marketing

Visceral Marketing is off the ground. Click here for more info and become a fan!

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Maison des Fleurs

This flower shop in the 5th literally caused people to stop and smell the roses. Their  unique selection and arrangements were sophisticated but looked as though they had been plucked from a field of wildflowers. The gorgeous yet muted colors of the roses below almost converted me into a fan of that perennial.

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Figuratively speaking

The artist H. Craig Hanna is currently on display at the LEG, my favorite gallery in Paris (so far). Truly amazing work. Black Horse, Huile sur Bois, 120 x 160 cm Diptyque Georgina, 2009, Encre et Acrylique sur Perspex, 53×53 cm (hors cadre) Man with Birch trees, 2008, Encre et Acrylique sur Perspex, 152×229 cm [...]

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Ready for the Weekend

Have to say Calvin Harris’ performance at 1515 was a big dissapointment. But that won’t stop me from loving this album!! Flashback You Used To Hold Me Ready For The Weekend

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Discovered this band on the Bestival website. Love love love. Check out their song Persian Rub – it made me excited for summer!!

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Palais Royal treasures

Along the corridors of the Palais Royale, just past the Buren columns and the tourists enjoying them, one can find a smattering of unique antique shops, vintage stores and art galleries. Here are some of the interesting sights captured on my last venture through this old palace.

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