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Casiokids put on a decent show, but absolutely killed it with Fot I Hose. My french must be getting better because I didn’t realize they weren’t singing in English until half-way through. Goodshoes = good pop-punk = good times ( “Je voudrais LE FEAST s’il vous plait!!!!!” You can run from LE FEAST  but you [...]

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Booby trap or blunder?

#3 – Coachella lists me as fan #4/48,047….the ONE year I can’t go!

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Street Art

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architecturally/aesthetically, everything you’d expect of a major international non-profit organization….philosophically, inspiring.

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The Legion of Honor

My best friend received his birthday present today… bask in its glory!

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When you are living on a student budget (esp. in Paris), and only have a hot plate and a mini fridge, preparing dinner becomes an exercise in creative thinking. Last night’s invention of what I like to call  “rata-ramen-touille,” brings new meaning to “East meets West.” Ingredients: Top ramen noodles (any flavor) Canned ratatouille (assorted [...]

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some songs that have been amazing on the metro (just click to listen/download): Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix) Thievery Corporation – Shadows of Ourselves Chemical Brothers – Close Your Eyes Basement Jaxx – Raindrops Peaches – Talk To Me Olive – You’re Not Alone (Nightmares On Wax Mix)

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Booby trap or blunder?

#2 – man smoking cigarette while scootering at 40 mph in a round-about (my hero???)

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where the bobos are

went to my first show this weekend: deacon of the animal collective was playing took the metro to the 11th/19th, then went down a cobblestone road along the river to find a club called Point Ephemere, situated under a bridge. apparently this is where all the hipsters (the french call them Bobos) live, because up [...]

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My hood

went exploring this weekend to get to know my neighborhood…here are some shots taken of shops and markets a few blocks from my apartment: my favorite intersection so far an amazing blue-lit all blue confections shop i saw this pile of meringues and instantly thought of grandmaman warhol and madge seem to be alive and [...]

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bye bye black betty

my Vespa lx150 (aka my pride and joy) will soon have a new owner the buyer has just informed me that he plans on tricking her out and taking her with him on the gumball 3000. this is the first i have heard of it, so i did a little research: “the gumball 3,000 is [...]

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Some in the MAGC program (we call it ‘magic’): (From left to right – Valerie (NYC), Anna (SF), Elizabeth (DC), Eilean (NY) and Bianca (Melbourne) I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that we get along so well, being that we all have 3 big things in common: love of travel, Paris and what we do. [...]

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was finally able to visit my apartment today. it was nerve-racking committing to a place sight-unseen, but man did i get lucky (or was it karmic retribution for having put up with french bureaucracy?!) here is my home (the red star), nestled in the 6th, between school (the yellow star) and the Latin Quarter: and [...]

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The amazing race

first day of orientation undergraduates were sent on a scavenger hunt as a bonding activity & way to familiarize themselves with the city. the graduates snickered, thinking how cute/thank god we don’t have to do that. little did we know, we get one all to ourselves. except it isn’t in search of croissants or a [...]

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Sounds better in French

my (only) francophile friend (so far) has informed me that the french word for a blunder is “une boulette.” lucky for us, a chick closely resembling scary spice has blessed us with a wonderful rap about it: seems there is more to french music than daft punk and justice

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